Real Value Pricing

Our goal is to facilitate a fair deal for all parties on every sale. Most sales are offered due to a legitimate need; therefore, our goal is to get the best possible price, while offering a good deal to our buyers.

Extensive research goes into all pricing, but many times, the facts are hard to come by.

If you are confident the asking price is too high -

We welcome documentation to reinforce your opinion. If you can share this proof, formally or informally, we will strongly consider changing the price, and will respond to you first, since you provided the insight.

Make an Offer -

If you are simply looking for a deal, let us know, depending on many factors including timing and need, all offers will be considered, and we will respond.

Shipping -

Shipping can often be very expensive. We will be happy to be as creative as you like in finding the most economical way to get the shipping handled. In many situations, we can meet for delivery throughout Northeast Ohio, which would save nearly all expense. Feel free to contact us to discuss those options. 330-731-1236

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